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SQP's TLP System, The Pulsar 900

The finest portable and powerful TLP Pulse System for ESD

SQP Products providesstate-of-the-art transmission line pulse (TLP) test
systems (either Wafer Level or socketed) that play an integral part in most any ESD test lab, substantially reducing chip design cycle time. The Pulsar 900 has proven field reliability, inclusive of the test capabilities required to meet the industry challenges. This system
has an optional HBM module in addition to automated prober integration.

Very Portable TLP Solution

This TLP system can be placed on a cart and wheeled from one location to another. This makes it very easy to share within a large group of divergent users. No other TLP offering is this compact.

Pulsar 900

  • The Pulsar 900 is a state-of-the-art Transmission Line Pulse test system. This system provides the precision and reliability required by IC designers, ESD structure designers and manufacturers.  It includes the pulse generator, a computer preloaded with all the test software, necessary cabling and a test socket (an oscilloscope in not included and may be ordered if desired).

  • ATS Auto Test System automates component-level TLP testing, delivering the current pulse sequentially to the individual pins on your device under test (DUT). This system replaces the time-consuming task of manually attaching clips or leads to your DUT, one pin at a time.

  • VFTLP capability (down to 1 ns pulse width).

  • Adjustable width data collection window

  • Multiple current probes

  • Ability to test under voltage bias

The system comes complete with your choice of either a desktop or laptop computer. This truly depicts how compact the system is.